The Constance-based robotics startup Organifarms has gained the EBZ Group as a strategic partner and investor. The body-in-white production system and automation expert from Ravensburg will support the startup's product development and growth in the long term.

"We are delighted to have an established partner at our side in the EBZ Group. For the growth of our company, it was important for us to have a partner who not only supports us financially but also in product scaling and ensures the high reliability of our products," shares Dominik Feiden, CEO and co-founder of Organifarms. "With EBZ as a globally active company, we can also open up new markets and bring our production up to an industrial level."

The reliability of the product is a top priority for Organifarms, as farmers with staff shortages are dependent on the harvesting robot.

The startup develops harvesting robots for strawberries, which are already being used by the first customers. They have been able to finance their development to date via Startup BW Pre-Seed and startup funding from the BMEL and Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank. This has enabled the young company to develop the first fully autonomous harvesting robot in the past three years.

"The EBZ Group's expertise offers Organifarms optimal opportunities for scaling the picking robots, while the investment represents a technological leap for the EBZ Group in ongoing innovation projects," says Thomas Bausch, chairman of the board of the EBZ Group.

Both companies agree on using advanced robotics and AI; they are creating a future in which farmers have a solution to labor shortages and rising costs, and consumers can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.

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