Forever Feed Technologies, an indoor feed technology company based in both American Fork, Utah, and Hanford, announced a “multimillion” dollar investment from local dairy companies to build indoor growing facilities.

Part of the funding for Forever Feed Technologies, founded in September 2022, comes from River Ranch Farms in Hanford, Bar 20 Dairy in Kerman, Producers Dairy in Fresno, and De Jong Family Farms in Indiana.

River Ranch Farms is expected to have the first indoor growing facility for the local dairymen involved. The investment, the terms of which were not disclosed, will be used to build the largest and most reliably controlled mills, capable of feeding thousands of animals year-round, according to the company.

Forever Feed’s machine will go into a retrofitted building on the River Ranch Farms property. Steve Lindsey, co-founder and CEO of Forever Feeds, said the local dairy farmers involved are some of the best in the Central Valley. Lindsey said that farmers have always liked the idea of feeding fresh and saving water, but it has never been economical before.

“The machines that have come to market over the last few years haven’t had the density output that could really make a difference to a farmer and couldn’t be priced competitively with the other forages and concentrates a dairy farmer either grows on his farm or purchases from another source,” he said.

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