Growlink, a leader in agricultural technology, proudly introduces a groundbreaking initiative in farm automation - LINKS, a suite of third-party integrations that offers growers unmatched control and customization in their agricultural operations. The company is excited to debut LINKS at the upcoming MJBiz Conference in Las Vegas, offering a sneak peek into the future of agricultural technology.

Scheduled for official launch in early 2024, LINKS integrates Growlink's robust software platform with a wide range of control and sensor technologies from leading brands like TrolMaster, Argus, Priva, Agrowtek, Aranet, Pulse Grow, and Aroya. This innovation not only streamlines operations but also empowers growers with unparalleled flexibility in their farming practices.

Key Features of LINKS
Unified Data Management: Simplifying decision-making by aggregating data from diverse sources for optimized resource allocation.

Seamless Compatibility: The LINK modules ensure easy integration with third-party platforms, allowing growers to tailor their hardware configurations.

Enhanced Operational Control: Growers benefit from unprecedented control through Growlink's advanced features like Blueprints, CoPilot, Analytics and Compliance.

Ted Tanner, CEO of Growlink, comments, "Introducing LINKS at the MJBiz Conference marks a pivotal moment in our journey. Our focus extends beyond just offering tools; it's about developing comprehensive software solutions that cater to the needs of growers of all scales. This launch is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to delivering customer-centric solutions."

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