The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and Seeding the Future Foundation announced the Seed Grant winners and finalists for Growth Grants and Grand Prizes for the third annual Seeding the Future Global Food System Challenge. Seed Grants are awarded to organizations that create innovative ideas to transform food systems and have developed a prototype or initial proof of concept demonstrating that their idea is feasible and highly impactful when scaled.

The $1 million challenge, which received more than 900 submissions from 78 countries this year, is focused on high-impact innovations that lead to significant food system advances that support safe and nutritious food for a healthy diet, sustainable practices, including regenerative agriculture and equitable access to food that is affordable, appealing and trusted by consumers.

  • Urban Being Inc.: JRDN-URBN: Building Food Autonomy into the City (Canada). JRDN-URBN’S mission is to better urban food systems. They have designed an innovative model of turnkey vertical tower farm plots that innovate upon existing commercial hydroponic technology to reconfigure and redesign usage for community and individual use and can be used year-round regardless of climate and weather considerations.
  • UV4Good: UVC LED-based Systems to Clean Water in the Field and Other Emergency Situations Across the World (Ukraine). This project uses Novel UVC LED-based mobile water disinfectant systems that are compact and easily installed in water dispensing devices as plug-and-play water treatment systems for most point-of-use applications for emergency situations.

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