Canobi announces a partnership with MCH (Modulaire MCH Int.), a Montreal-based manufacturer of prefabricated modular steel buildings, to produce modular indoor farms.

"With drop-N-gro, we have resolved all of the known single points of failure inherent in CEA grow systems, and especially shipping container-based systems. Everything you need in a scalable indoor agricultural system, from pre-processing to training, to back office software tools, is included so you can focus on growing for your specific market," Robin Vincent, CEO Canobi AgTech.

Built by MCH and powered by Canobi.ONE, the drop-N-gro farm is a turnkey indoor farm. In collaboration with Canobi AgTech, MCH is launching the drop-N-gro, a complete modular farm solution. The building's construction includes partly recycled steel and wall and floor panels made from recycled plastic bottles.

The drop-N-gro modular farm building will be powered by Canobi.One, with two growing options, one being a turnkey indoor farm that includes a complete vertical grow system, Canobi's SmartDose dosing system, sensors for monitoring and automation, power, lighting, and HVAC, and Canobi's dashboard and business tools.

On the other hand, the Canobi's SmartDose dosing system and sensors for monitoring and automation, which are compatible with any growing system you choose to install (including deep water, FDT, or any vertical system), along with power and HVAC, as well as Canobi's dashboard and business tools.

Delivery and set-up are simple. Drop-n-gro farms can be shipped across the globe, and installation is quick and easy due to MCH's universal anchoring system.

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