In Bear Valley, a local family has quite the operation running in their backyard. Bryce Hudson, co-owner of Bear Valley Mushrooms,

"I've always been the kind of person who likes to figure things out, and I just got a grow kit, kind of went down a rabbit hole and never came out," said Hudson.

Hudson built the entire growing operation himself by watching and reading tutorials to figure out how to properly farm these mushrooms and what type of climate they thrive in.

The first step is filling filtered bags with oak and soy whole bran pellets, and then the bags are transferred into another hand-constructed item: a pasteurization barrel.

"So it kills off any of the other bacteria and funguses that are in there," Hudson said. Hudson has a passion for learning about the delicate process of growing fungi. The fungi need to incubate in a climate-controlled room and then finish in a growing room. All of which he hand-built. He says his family owns a construction company, and he drew from his construction background as a foundation to begin properly building the necessary items.