A new greenhouse in North Omaha aims to leave a huge impact on this community’s food access.

The new greenhouse located at the Highlander is a project two years in the making for 75 North and No More Empty Pots. The goal of the greenhouse is to cultivate nutritious community-grown food in the Highlander area; in addition, No More Empty Pots staff plan to use the space to teach people how to grow their own foods.

CEO Nancy Williams said the greenhouse will be able to produce acres worth of food, and some of it is already ready to eat. “We are doubling down on leafy greens because they have a high nutrition value, they grow quickly and we can turn them over for production and get them out to the community faster.” Williams said.

75 North staff said the partnership between the two nonprofits went a long way to making this possible. Some of the plants being grown in the greenhouse will be ready for distribution by the start of the new year.

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