The council approved a discretionary use application by Rockland Microgreens Ltd for a hydroponic greenhouse and access road on Northern Pond Road.

The provincial Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Agriculture referred an application to the city for a Crown land lease on Northern Pond Road. Using the 13 hectares of land for this purpose in an Agricultural Zone is considered a discretionary use, and therefore, an application was required before the consideration of the lease. The site is also within the Thomas Pond watershed, which the decision note says Public Works has reviewed and feels the proposed access to the site is acceptable.

The council also approved the Crown land lease for the 13 hectares of land, and should the lease be issued, a development application will be required.

The vote was 11-0-0. So, what does it mean for the municipality? There's going to be more agricultural land being used, which could have a variety of impacts, including the production of more local food.

Source: Saltwire