5N2 has been a Scarborough lifeline for more than 10 years, and now it’s also a working indoor farm. In that farm – inside one and soon to be two shipping containers wedged into the charity’s warehouse home – each night is like day.

Powerful lights shine on panels growing kale and lettuce 18 hours a day but are off for peak-time hydro rates. As December began, 5N2 founder Seema David looked forward to the first full-head harvest of leafy greens in the month’s second half.

“It will cover the entire panel. You won’t even see the panels,” she said. Nearer the container’s entrance were trays of small, square grow-plugs of sprouting bok choy and mixed greens ready to cover panels on other movable walls.

David hoped the second container would start farming in January. The charity hopes year-round sales of its fresh vegetables will pay for its free programs – and 5N2 may drop samples at local restaurants to attract clients, she said.

“To me, it’s better than organic. The taste is amazing.”

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