One day, back in 2021, Juan Andrés Balogh, a producer from Rio Negro. As happened in large areas of the countryside, where thousands and thousands of animals perished. And he decided not to stay with his arms crossed. He investigated, and he did tests.

There was a lot of trial and error but he managed to hit the key to save the animals from him. And then he started thinking about how to expand his project to also help save those of his neighbors and other ranchers. sheep one by one put him against a rock and a hard place. Between "trying to do something" or waiting for the lack of food to kill her drought, he saw how brutal it was.

The producer of IDEVI (Development Institute of the Lower Río Negro Valley) got to work and, in a matter of days, He saw how, from a special handling of seeds and very little water, a green blanket of promising and vigorous forage began to sprout, which was enough to feed and save his more than fifty sheep that were left 'challenged' with the invention.

Juan was set to explore more and managed to equip himself, become more technologically advanced, and is currently developing a company to share the experience and results of his work. He does not sell the forage directly but instead offers the modules and all necessary knowledge so that each producer can cultivate it themselves.

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