A sprawling metropolis like London may seem an unlikely place to grow food, but urban farms could be key for ensuring greater food security as the climate crisis worsens.

Sutton Community Farm in south London and Greenhaus in south west London are just two of hundreds of farms using small spaces to grow organic fruit and vegetables in the city.

Sutton Community Farm is a seven-acre community-run vegetable growing business in Sutton. They run an organic farm with the assistance of a group of volunteers who help with all aspects of farm life, from digging beds to harvesting, rewarded with a meal after their hard work.

Their goal as a farm is to work with nature, to create a food-growing system that is truly sustainable. Sonia Cropper, head of communications at the farm, said: “What it comes down to is: how can you grow food – utilising what’s already happening in nature to your advantage as opposed to trying to control nature or fight against it – and in so doing, completely eliminating the need to use chemicals in order to grow your food?

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