Pelemix has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with EarthSense Morocco. This partnership aims to offer premium quality coir-based substrates and enhance Pelemix's position in the Moroccan market.

"We are thrilled about the new perspectives this collaboration offers to Moroccan agriculture," said Tal Brod, CEO of Pelemix. "EarthSense's outstanding reputation within the Moroccan agriculture and landscape sectors, agronomic support, and local presence perfectly align with Pelemix's core values.”

"By incorporating Pelemix products into our portfolio, EarthSense Morocco is associating itself with a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. We are highly optimistic about the future and our ability to reach both our existing and potential clients in the local market," stated Marouane Benmouama, CEO & Founder of EarthSense Morocco.

This strategic partnership aims to make Pelemix's products readily accessible across the Moroccan market, bolstered by EarthSense's local presence and agronomic support.

Pelemix serves hydroponic growers and nurseries globally. Its coir is utilized as a growing medium for various hydroponic crops, such as blueberries, vegetables, strawberries, and seedlings.

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