Local entrepreneur Christoph Schuberth has been growing microgreens indoors for the past few years in Glashütten, Germany. In addition to the Bayreuth weekly market and some gourmet restaurants, customers can now also get local greens at the German Supermarket chain, Rewe, in Mistelgau.

“We are happy about another regional product in our range, but it is a product that requires explanation,” confirms Martin Eideloth, owner of Rewe in Mistelgau. For a few weeks now, “Greens – Microgreens from Upper Franconia” has been available in its fruit and vegetable section. The local entrepreneur Christoph Schuberth cultivates the young leafy vegetables in the Bayreuth region. Instead of waiting until broccoli, radishes, or peas are fully grown, he harvests them as soon as they produce their first leaves, within seven to 21 days, depending on the variety.

“The density of micronutrients is higher in microgreens than in fully grown plants,” explains the local entrepreneur. The food trend comes from California, but the young leafy vegetables are now also considered a superfood in Germany.

There are only a handful of companies in this country that grow microgreens, one of which is located in Glashütten, inside the “Palme”, a former textile factory. Local entrepreneur Christoph Schuberth, a trained electronics engineer for industrial technology, provides industrial-level technology.

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