New year, new us! VerticalFarmDaily is excited to kick off the new season with the launch of our revamped website. Our website is now more user-friendly, offering enhanced features for a better user experience.

In this new format, all photos on the homepage will be presented in the same format, providing a cohesive visual experience. Special features will also take a more prominent position at the top of the site. The banners on the right side of the website have been standardized for a more consistent layout. Last but not least, and not to be overlooked, the Funny section is now located on the left side of the site below the exchange rates.

Another significant development is our decision to cease promoting our articles through social media. Instead, we place greater faith in the reach of our newsletter.

VerticalFarmDaily sends out its newsletter daily to over 10,500 subscribers, resulting in an average of 93,500 monthly pageviews. When combined with our international publications and other horticulture newsletters, the global outreach is significantly expanded.

For inquiries, feedback, or advertising opportunities on this fresh new site, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to engaging with you in this revamped digital space!