In the heart of the Qatari desert, a pioneering venture is transforming the landscape of agriculture in the country. Fardan Fahad Alfardan is the founder and general manager of Alfardan Group's 'Safwa', a hub for innovation and sustainability through hydroponic farming. He is also in charge of the Group's agricultural projects.

A recent tour with Fardan offered insights into the farm's evolution, achievements, and future plans, highlighting a commitment to premium produce, self-sufficiency, and global expansion. While Fardan was not there when the Wahat Al-Shafalahia farm was established in 1975, his 2019 entry marked a strategic push for commercial transformation, steering the farm toward a new future of agriculture.

Overcoming Challenges
Despite challenges, including operational costs, Fardan remains confident, citing a trial-and-error approach. He credits his team for finding solutions to every challenge by thinking outside the box. "It's all trial-and-error, and the whole point is not to give up, everything has a solution here. You have to learn how to work with everyone, and then you will succeed, but you have to keep on going," he said.

"It's better that you commit a mistake now than later. This is why every project we have is small until it succeeds. We turn it into something huge," he said, highlighting the key role that every member of his team plays.