On Tuesdays, workers from Restorative Farms wind through the streets of Fair Park until they reach the Midway, where their next harvest lies.

Their destination is a shipping container in the shadow of the Texas Star Ferris Wheel. Its name is Grozilla, a hydroponic farm inside a 15-ton container next to the Errol McKoy Greenhouse that produces fresh produce each week. Restorative Farms co-founder Brad Boa cleans his shoes on the anti-microbial mat and sanitizes his hands. Any trace of bacteria or bugs could ruin an entire harvest.

On a rainy spring day, Boa’s gray hair is slicked back to show a face framed by black-rimmed glasses. In place of his dark blue hoodie, he slips on a white lab coat and then opens the door.

He enters a room with a walkway and rows of produce on either side, bathing in purple LED light. Four rows of dark green lettuce heads are stacked on top of one other, each row at a different stage of growth. The temperature is set to between 72 and 74 degrees to ensure each of the heads can thrive in their platform of shallow water, no matter the outside temperature.

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