Thanks to Magical Grow’s new product, GROW, indoor farming is undergoing a radical transformation. As the world’s first food printer, GROW leverages patented technology and AI to deliver unprecedented space utilization and limitless potential for indoor cultivation.

This pioneering establishment, under the astute leadership of CNBC Next Gen alum Garyn Angel, has created a sleek, home-friendly growing device that eliminates compromises and ushers in a new era for indoor farmers and classrooms through Farm-Ed. Far from being merely a gadget, GROW is a symphony of advanced hardware, intelligent software, and AI capabilities.

Imagine a system that provides you with an abundant 12 cubic feet of growing space, smartly designed and tailored to your needs. That’s precisely what GROW brings to the table. Harnessing patented technologies, it obliterates the constraints posed by existing cultivation devices, offering over twice their growing capacity. This advancement provides a haven for a series of plant species, offering an unprecedented canvas for the art of cultivation.

According to Angel, “GROW is built on an unwavering belief: cultivators should not have to compromise. Our device not only optimizes but also revolutionizes the indoor farming experience by bringing together state-of-the-art canopy lighting and patented environmental control mechanisms.”