Forrest in Town, a green residential village in Milan, emerges from the redevelopment of the former Cascina Galbani factory by the Gruppo Building. Designed by DFA Partners and Boffa Petrone & Partners, the project redefines urban living, blending city and nature.

The horizontal condominium model features two or three floors above ground, with private spaces overlooking a communal 4,500 sqm park. The innovation extends to a basement-level aeroponic garden, a unique feature in Milan, utilizing Agricooltur® technology. The project embraces a new lifestyle, emphasizing environmental consciousness and well-being.

Forrest in Town interprets the new way of living and inhabiting the home, which returns to being a place conducive to human life, where attention to the environment and one's health is prevalent. For construction projects, innovative technologies were applied to bring back the spirit of the historic residential village, with the finishes and the characteristic charm of casa di ringhiera (guard rail houses) from the south of Milan.

Details with subtle refinements, such as the wooden windows, relief shapes, and contours, or the floors and roofing structure, which benefit from exposed wooden beams, evocative of an old-fashioned charm revisited in a contemporary way.

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