Students in Haltom City are learning a new way to understand the science of the world we live in and how technology is helping us take better care of it.

Students are operating a full-fledged, high-producing farm in a space the size of a truck. Air, water, and soil: Bob Payne embraces it all, teaching his students about the environment and how it works.

While this advanced science class is a lot of formulas and equations, if you're going to study the environment, Payne believes you should be in it. Idea Achieve Academy in Haltom City operates a farm on campus where students study biology, chemistry, and engineering hands-on.

"Basically, like how it works, and how they like, make things work or how they basically make things for us to eat," said Eric Mendez, a student in the class. What looks like a simple shipping container is really the heart of this outdoor classroom. It is a $180,000 hydroponic farm made possible through a grant.