The young Paraguayan Mauricio Ojeda has been standing out in Germany as a partner of vertical farming startup Kleinblatt, which operates in Stuttgart. The vertical farm, the first and only one in town, grows more than 25 crop varieties.

Ojeda has been living in Germany for eight years, studying Agricultural Sciences at the University of Hohenheim, but then decided to change to Renewable Raw Materials. Regarding his venture, for which he was even awarded, he mentions that Kleinblatt is now producing sprouts, among others, radish, radish, peas, corn, carrots, cabbage, arugula, amaranth, and different mushrooms.

"The project started during the study; My co-founder and I met on the first day of college. We always ended up commenting that agriculture here, in Germany, was a bit stagnant in terms of innovation, and despite being an area with more fruitful soils, many products are imported from Italy, and among these, salads," he qualifies.

Kleinblatt's products are used in local gourmet restaurants, in addition to having signed an agreement with a 2-star Michelin restaurant, as well as with the Porsche restaurant. Ojeda and his co-owner received an award for Innovation in Bioeconomy some time ago, awarded by the Federal State of Baden W├╝rttemberg by Minister Peter Hauk, responsible for the Ministry of Food, Rural Environment, and Consumer Protection.

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