Mandsaur's dentist couple, Dr. Kunal Rathore and Dr. Nikita Rathore have cultivated saffron in a closed room with the help of mantras. Saffron flowers are blooming in this field. After three years of hard work, this couple has succeeded in the indoor farming of saffron. For this cultivation, saffron bulbs are being brought from Kashmir.

Dr Kunal Rathore says, "After being influenced by NASA's Aeroponics technology, we thought of cultivating saffron. After doing a lot of research on this, we were successful. For this, we stayed in Kashmir for several days. We took saffron bulbs from Kashmir and did indoor farming here at an expense of about five lakhs. Music was also used to develop plants in this farming. Which had positive effects, and we finally succeeded in growing the saffron crop."

Dr. Kunal Rathore has named this technique the Acoustic Blooming technique. In this technique, the temperature of the room is maintained between 25 to 6 degrees. Carbon dioxide is flowed, which is kept from 400 ppm to 3500 ppm (parts per million). The humidity range is kept at 65 to 90. 350 to 1500 lux grow lights are used. Beej and Gayatri are recited to the plants through a sound system.

The couple said that the rate of saffron prepared by us is available at Rs 700 (7,7 USD) per gram. But in the international market, you can get it up to Rs 1200 (13,2 USD). Marketing efforts are being made for this. Now we want to give training to people in this direction also. So that other people can also benefit from it.

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