Edible Garden will begin carrying Edible Garden's products in all of their locations across New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Jim Kras, Chief Executive Officer of Edible Garden, stated, "We are pleased to announce that Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace will be featuring our locally grown, sustainable, Zero-Waste Inspired® herbs at their 12 locations across New York and New Jersey. Their addition to our Northeast distribution network further develops our footprint in the region. We are optimistic that Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace will quickly realize the benefits of Edible Garden's outstanding performance and fulfillment rates. We are also hopeful that RBest Produce will see the added value Edible Garden brings to Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, possibly extending our reach to more RBest retail partners. We look forward to enjoying a long relationship with Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, providing them with reliable service and high-quality products that their customers can count on."

For more information:
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Tel.: (844) 344-3727