"After almost two decades in the industry, I've decided to start my own venture. I am eager to apply my expertise to drive innovation, create meaningful impact, and contribute to the transformation of food supply chains worldwide," shares Justin Schoemaker, founder of J. Schoemaker Management.

Justin Schoemaker

As a global business development and horticulture expert, Justin's passion for technology and innovation has led him to embark on a mission to change global food supply chains, focusing on delivering high-quality fresh produce. With extensive experience in developing and implementing automated growing systems and AgTech solutions worldwide, he brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic leadership. Justin's portfolio includes business development, strategic project consulting, and commercial management.

"Having had key positions in industry leaders like Priva, I've honed a strong sense for business opportunities and a deep understanding of customer needs. My journey in the indoor farming industry dates back to its early stages, both in my previous positions and as a founding team member of Infinite Acres," he adds.

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