Guri City (Mayor Baek Kyung-Hyeon) recently installed a growing cabinet at the entrance to the first floor of the Guri City Hall annex.

The smart farm dimensions are 250cm wide, 900cm long, and 199cm high. It is equipped with LED lights, remote control equipment, and air conditioning for the plants and can accommodate around 156 seedlings on a three-tier cultivation plate.

In the future, the city plans to use smart farms to conduct a harvesting experience program with citizens and to share crops grown in an eco-friendly and pesticide-free manner with neighbors in need through food banks.

A visitor said, "It's great to see such a system inside the city hall as it looks lively and nice. Seeing the smart farm in real life, I was surprised to see that it was installed inside the building without space restrictions, and it was a great opportunity to harvest the crops myself. I want to participate more often," he said.

Guri Mayor Baek Gyeong-Hyeon said, "I think the smart farm installed this time is a step toward preparing for future food sources and reviving the aging agriculture industry." He added, "I hope that citizens who visit City Hall will see the crops inside the smart farm and be inspired."

Source: Break News