While most farms lie dormant through the harsh Wisconsin winter, Hundred Acre is poised for big growth. The vertical hydroponic farm is planning a new facility in Riverwest. It would allow the indoor farm to quadruple its production.

In its current location at the Century City business park, the farm pumps out fresh greens year-round, yielding 40,000 pounds of produce per year from its 5,000-square-foot location.

"But that's not enough to keep up with demand from restaurants and grocers," said Chris Corkery, founder and CEO of Hundred Acre Farms. "We've been sold out for six months," he said of the current facility, which opened approximately two years ago. "We need to expand supply and provide our existing customers, plus new customers, with products."

The new addition, planned for a 10,000 sq. ft. (930 m2) space along E. Keefe Avenue, will allow the urban farm to meet that demand while also allowing the company to expand its programming and reach. It will also allow the company to introduce additional crops, such as arugula and microgreens, to its existing lineup of basil and leafy greens.

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