Skytree, an Amsterdam-based climate tech innovator, celebrated on Thursday night to officially open the doors to its new office and lab space in Amsterdam.

During the event, the team made sure to showcase the latest progress and live demonstration of the Skytree Cumulus unit. The patented DAC technology harnesses CO2 directly from the atmosphere, enabling the transition away from fossil fuel-based carbon dioxide, removing emissions associated with its transport, and providing a circular carbon dioxide supply.

Visitors are guided through the lab

Skytree's proprietary DAC technology captures CO2 from ambient air, filters it using a patented process, and stores it in pressurized buffer tanks from where it can be accessed and reused by any business in regular need of concentrated CO2.

"By enabling the generation of CO2 onsite at farms and greenhouses, we are taking a significant step forward in helping CEA businesses reduce their carbon footprint and transition away from the fossil fuel industry as a source for CO2 supply. This is an incredibly exciting moment for Skytree as we move forward with the commercialization of our first unit for onsite carbon capture and reutilization," says Rob van Straten, CEO of Skytree.

Skytree's Cumulus seen in the photo

Once installed on site, the Skytree Cumulus captures CO2 from the ambient air and makes it available for use by indoor farmers and greenhouse growers in the production of food, algae, vaccines, cannabis, and flowers.

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