A dive into the CuttingVision software with Michiel Mans. In this movie, Michiel Mans, Lead Engineer Computer Vision & AI at TTA, explains more about the intuitive software from TTA that controls the CuttingEdge. "The CuttingEdge is one of our latest innovations: an automatic sticking robot for planting rooted and unrooted cuttings"

Without revealing too much, he says the major advantages of the CuttingVision software are that the CuttingVision database housing all data created by teach-in and annotating cutting setups. "This data is available for all CuttingEdge users and ensures a major timesaving and improvement of sticking setups."

"And compared to standard deep learning, we require a minimum amount of data to create a robust cutting detection model that can handle natural plant variation. This results in a cutting detection model with unmatched flexibility."

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