A 6.88-acre greenhouse located in upstate New York has become available for sale. The Havecon Venlo-style greenhouse was originally designed for cannabis cultivation and has an original valuation of over $18 million.

Still packaged, the greenhouse is new, phase 1 and 2 were constructed, and then the company ran into financial difficulties. The 3rd phase was never used, unwrapped, or constructed. The new materials that have not been used are for sale.

"Investing in this greenhouse means embracing efficiency and sustainability in agriculture. Buyers will benefit from significant material cost savings and tax incentives, complemented by a design that reduces operational costs," says Chris Lange, Founder and CEO of SecondBloom Auctions, facilitator of the greenhouse sale.

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The greenhouse from the top

Key features
The greenhouse has a capacity of 300,000 square feet (27.871 m2), providing ample space for a wide range of agricultural activities. It is equipped with advanced glass technology, featuring 330,000 square feet (27.871 m2) of diffused glass optimized for great light transmission, essential for optimal plant growth. Additionally, the greenhouse contains insulated polycarbonate panels covering 120,000 square feet (11148 m2).

In terms of energy efficiency, the greenhouse has been updated with 30,000 square feet (2788 m2) of insulated metal roofing panels, contributing to enhanced energy conservation measures. To ensure a controlled and optimal environment for cultivation, the greenhouse is equipped with comprehensive environmental control systems. This includes additional assets valued at over $350,000, such as Gavita Grow Lights.

A side view of the greenhouse

Inspection and accessibility
The facility, prepared for immediate shipment from the Northeast, is ready for rapid assembly and operation. Potential buyers are invited to inspect over 1.0M sqft of this operational greenhouse design, offering a glimpse into its efficiency and technological capabilities.

Extended auction period and access details
Acknowledging the significance of this opportunity, SecondBloom Auctions extends the auction until January 27th, 2024.

Click here to view the offer, which contains detailed information and bidding instructions.

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