"After seedlings have sprouted, gardeners are faced with the sad task of thinning them, which means snipping all but the very strongest seedlings in a small area. Otherwise, the seedlings will compete, with the result that none of the plants will be very healthy. But someone saw an opportunity instead of misery in this chore, and a new industry was born," writes Susan Brownstein for Cleveland.com.

The marketing claims for microgreens include that they have more flavor and nutrients than their fully-grown counterparts. "Microgreens are the latest trend in the produce section of the store, where a tiny plastic tub of two ounces costs $3 to $6 and up. That means these little green leaves are a whopping $24 to $48 a pound, so what makes them so costly—and are they worth it? The answer to these questions leads to the perfect winter crop for Northeast Ohio gardeners."

"They are also ridiculously easy and cheap to grow if you have ever started seeds indoors. This is the perfect time of year to try it, because it is still too early to start your summer vegetable plants, and it is a great way to clear out old seed packet remnants. Simply set up a seed starting tray (or use an old microgreen or another plastic container), add some seed starting medium or coconut coir, and scatter the seeds. Spray the soil with water every day to keep the soil moist; spraying instead of overhead watering prevents flooding of the seeds. A warming mat is a great accessory if you have one, or you can put the tray near a heat source to keep the winter chill off."

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