After several changes in direction, a one-time bowling house in Woodville is now home to a growing mushroom business.

“We just went from construction to production about two weeks ago,” said Thomas Lodge, co-founder of MidAm Mushrooms, 512 Lime St. Construction. This included adding garage doors to the front of the building to allow for easier loading of shipments.

The building houses a mycelium lab where agricultural by-products consisting of various types of grain are recycled into mushroom-producing substrates. According to their website, MidAm Mushrooms offers “fresh spawn and ready-to-fruit blocks to mushroom farmers big and small.” Spawn is a substrate that contains mycelium, the fungi root system that produces mushrooms. Racks upon racks of plastic bags containing the substrate now occupy the area of the building where bowling lanes once existed and is ready to ship out to mushroom farmers in Ohio and nearby states.