Currently, 35 Milwaukee Public Schools have Flex Farms on school grounds. The largest single farm is nestled in the basement of Vincent High School, where 13 vertical flex farms allow students to produce more than 300 pounds of fresh greens a month.

"The whole idea behind it is that students can grow hydroponic fresh produce, 12 months a year, all with water," Agribusiness Instructor

Tyler Foote said. "So, we have students learning how to problem solve. How to communicate. How to be generous when they give their food. So, it's a pretty cool way for students to learn the necessary skills to take with them the rest of their lives."

Vincent High School received a grant through the USDA called "Grown In Milwaukee, For Milwaukee," enabling the school to purchase Flex Farms to enhance the curriculum in their Agribusiness track.

The students grow culturally diverse foods and herbs they share with their school.

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