A Pueblo family's hobby has germinated into an urban farm that supplies microgreens to restaurant chefs who go the extra mile to provide locally sourced ingredients for their dishes.

It all started when Dylan Addington got a bonsai tree for his birthday from his wife, Randi (Gonzales) Addington.

"He got really into it and started studying planting cycles — he's very into the science aspect of it," Randi Addington explained. "From there, he figured out the whole microgreen process."

The couple became so enamored with growing microgreens they carved out a 20-by-10-foot space in their home where they created a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment, complete with grow lights and HEPA filters to create the perfect setting for cultivating microgreens. When they contemplated taking the hobby to the next step of actually marketing and selling the microgreens, Dylan Addington, who is a full-time information technology software guru, encouraged his wife to take the ball and run with it.

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