Initially, Rishabh and Ayush’s family lived in Delhi. Rishabh worked in a bank in Dubai, and Ayush was a student. Things changed when the pandemic hit. Rishabh had to come back home, and his family moved from Delhi to Shamsabad, where they owned three acres of land.

Farming had always allured Rishabh and he decided to give it a try. Ayush, too, decided to help his brother out and put his BBA degree from London to good use. They established a cold chamber for growing mushrooms which allows for year-round yield.

This method is not very common in India but allowed for minimal risk of contamination while also ensuring a daily income. By using these unconventional methods, the brothers manage to harvest around 1,600 kilograms of mushrooms per day. 1,300 kg of it is ‘A’ grade mushroom, and the rest is ‘B’ grade. The ‘B’ grade mushrooms are those that don’t necessarily have a uniform shape and are used in canning.

The prices of these mushrooms are contingent on the season. They can range anywhere between ₹90 per kg to ₹180 per kg. On average though, they sell at ₹134 per kg which means that their daily income is more than ₹2 lakhs.