Caretaker Minister for the National Food Security and Research Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik recently said that the adoption of aeroponic technology would not only boost potato production but also ensure the availability of virus-free seeds.

The technology will contribute significantly to the agricultural sector’s improvement, he said while addressing a ceremony held at the National Agriculture Research Center in which he also highlighted the achievements of Korean-funded Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP) that focused on seed potato production by using aeroponic technology.

The caretaker minister lauded the remarkable growth in potato cultivation and production during the past two decades.

Only 2 percent of potato seed requirement is being fulfilled locally, and the country relied on importing 98% of its seed demand, he said, adding that with the implementation of this technology, Pakistan is poised to achieve self-sufficiency in potato seed production.

Dr Kausar reiterated the government’s commitment to prioritizing the agricultural sector, expressing gratitude to the Korean government for its invaluable support in driving agricultural development initiatives in Pakistan.

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