Speakers at a recent workshop voiced concerns over Bangladesh's failure to capitalize on its mushroom export potential, largely due to a lack of awareness and training. The country's climate is ideal for mushroom cultivation, presenting a lucrative opportunity in the global market.

The workshop, titled "Bangladesh's untapped potential in mushroom cultivation and subsequent export," was held at the Training Centre of TRY Women and Youth Development Foundation at Sitakunda in Chattogram. It was jointly organized by the Women Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh (WEB) Foundation and Zamzam Mushroom Foods.

Maryam Akhter Labonyalata, owner of Zamzam Mushroom Foods, delivered a keynote address. In her speech, she emphasized the suitability of Bangladesh's climate for mushroom cultivation. She highlighted the high global demand for mushrooms due to their nutritional and medicinal properties. Labonyalata also underscored the staggering deficit in mushroom supply and the benefits of mushroom cultivation, including its minimal land requirements and absence of chemical fertilizers.

Rupa Ahmed, president of the WEB Foundation, spoke about his organization's efforts to educate marginalized women in mushroom cultivation, emphasizing the economic empowerment potential for women. The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates and mushroom spawn to 30 participants, equipping them with the necessary tools to embark on mushroom cultivation ventures.

Source: thefinancialexpress.com.bd