UrbanaGrow to tackle Chile's rising food prices concern

Chile: New modular farms with two separate growing areas

With the goal to overcome agricultural challenges in Chile, the four partners and founders of UrbanaGrow decided to introduce a new solution of its kind. UrbanaGrow, a startup based in Santiago, Chile, developed a new modular farm model, with the option of two separate growing areas. The separation…

Suitable growing tray for Danish trolley developed

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V. brings another novelty to the market. Until now, only the plant raising tray and the 60×40 cm growing tray were used to transport young vegetable plants from grower to production grower. Both solutions are very suitable when you work with the right trolleys. Especially in…

Kimberly Keagy/ WSAZ

US (KY): Elliott County High School receives new container farm

Students at Elliott County High School will soon be able to help grow food – not only for themselves but for the entire region. Each retrofitted shipping container acts as a hands-on agricultural classroom for students, allowing them to grow and provide fresh leafy greens to their classmates and those in…

Brick Street Farms

Brick Street Farms expands through Florida and East Coast

"We are as much a technology company as we are a farm operator”

“We really wanted to bring food production to the point of consumption, so we’re focused on embedding our farms in urban areas,” says Shannon O’Malley, CEO and co-founder of Florida-based container farming company, Brick Street Farms. The company was founded by Shannon and her husband Bradley, who…

Vertical Field

US (CA): Vertical Field to provide demo unit to senior living homes

Vertical Field has signed an agreement with Calson Management to supply assisted living homes with on-site vertical farming units. According to the agreement, Vertical Field will provide a demo unit to the Glen Cove senior living lodge in Vallejo, California, and after a successful pilot will expand to…

Corey Ellis (Growcer)

CAN: Squamish Nation grows with hydroponic container farm

A big bright orange container has just landed in the Squamish Nation community of X̱wemelch'stn in North Vancouver. While the outside of the 40-foot container is rather striking, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The container is a Growcer hydroponic modular farm that will support the community's…


Delivering to Prague, Dubai and Shanghai

Czech startup introduces new container farm to the market

A container farm supplied by GreeenTech will soon be parked in Prague's Smíchov district. The hydroponic container farm will grow herbs, vegetables and small fruits. The other two containers will go to Dubai and Shanghai.  "We bring a unique and modern approach to agriculture. With vertical hydroponics we…

"Ditching the soil and bringing a laptop"

A new veteran-owned farm in Moneta is revamping traditional farming with advanced technology to serve up the freshest greens all year long. Ditching the soil and bringing in a laptop, there’s a new hydroponic farm in Moneta. Using selective lighting, Vittone Farms is growing 6,000 greens a month in a…

Credit: Vertical Future

Vertical Future and Crate to Plate plan shipping container farms

Each of the 'container farms' will be able to produce up to five tons of leafy greens and veg each year with minimal carbon footprint, the firms claim.  Urban farming companies Vertical Future and Crate to Plate are together gearing up to rollout a fleet of indoor container farms in London, with each capable…

IKEA / Urban Crop Solutions

in collaboration with Urban Crop Solutions (Belgium)

IKEA launches vertical farming pilot at Malmö store

“We are continuously exploring how we can contribute to a better, greener and tastier future. By making healthier and sustainable food more accessible and affordable for many people,” said Sara Segergren, Project portfolio leader at IKEA, Ingka Group Sustainability. In collaboration with Urban Crop…

Facebook: CASS Housing

Housing nonprofit cultivating farmers

For a few moments early Friday morning, an 80-foot-by-40-foot shipping container the size of a semi hung high in the air, suspended by a huge crane. The construction site off Constance Avenue just north of Turnstone's adaptive sports complex is a bit different from most – the shipping container isn't for…

Amplified Ag

"The new system has optimized our production in the same square footage"

Grant Anderson, Better Fresh Farms' founder a client Amplified Ag, said, "Our AmplifiedAg farm replaced two existing models that were fairly inefficient for our goals. The new system has optimized our production in the same square footage."  AmplifiedAg has increased leafy green production by over 50% for…

Photo by Aaron Lacan

When a shipping container becomes a farm

The Hudson Valley is quite familiar with what it means to be farm-to-table, but what if the farm is also practically right next to the table, even in the more urban and metro areas? Here in the Hudson Valley, a 20 by 20-foot shipping container is being used to grow up to 400 pounds of fresh produce a…

Freight Farms' Greenery S introducing a fresh suite of features

Simplifying the process of farming

Recently Freight Farms' newest container farm was released: the Greenery S. "This farm is not just a refinement of our past models, it redefines what it means to be a farmer," said Freight Farms co-founder and COO Jon Friedman.  "Of all the Greenery S features, the most notable is the re-imagined workspace,…

Credit: Jeremy Moore, KUSA

FarmBox Foods developing food security programs

"We’re really focusing on the urban areas throughout the U.S"

A three-year-old Colorado company has an ambitious goal: to bring food security, safety, and sustainability to communities in need around the world. FarmBox Foods aims to achieve that goal by connecting those communities to sustainably sourced food that's grown locally inside one of their container…

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