Affinors Growers recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. US D896,690 S on September 22, 2020, in relation to the company’s new hydroponic home vertical growing technology.

Nick Brusatore CEO: “I am excited to see the patents issued to Affinor as we begin to commercialize and realize the value that vertical farming brings to the world.”

Affinor Growers Inc., a Vancouver-based company is focused on developing vertical farming technologies and using those technologies to grow fruits and vegetables in a sustainable manner. 

This new hydroponic vertical growing design is slated for the home consumer to produce fresh fruits and vegetables. Though the product is not quite ready for distribution or sales, it is certainly a great addition to Affinor Growers' patent portfolio of vertical growing technology as the company gets closer to commercialization. 

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