Why is LED technology crucial in vertical farming?

As per various industry specialists, the explosive development of vertical farming can be credited to the noteworthy advancements that have been made in LED bulbs of late. For quite a while, individuals who practice indoor cultivation had relied on convection bulbs for lighting, and the maintenance cost was frustrating. Convection bulbs only break even when used in the cultivation of cash crops such as Cannabis Sativa.

Currently, LED tech has become so affordable that it has been massively employed in the large-scale production of vertical grow lights. Truth be told, LEDs are rewriting the financial aspects of indoor farming.

As per studies from the United States (DoE) Department of Energy, the cost of LED bulbs has dropped by about 90% while their efficiency and lifespan have doubled. This has enabled indoor farmers to produce a myriad of crops at a fraction of the cost. This article discusses some aspects you need to know regarding LED bulbs in farming. If you have seen pictures of current indoor vertical farms, you may have observed that the rooms the crops are kept in have a purple glow. This shade is allied to the general functioning productivity of having LED bulbs for vertical farming.

Studies have revealed that crops respond best when exposed to red and blue hues. This is because flora originated from the sea millions of yrs. ago and only red and blue wavelengths could penetrate the deep waters successfully. A blend of red and blue results in a purple shade hence why the bulbs should be purple.

Currently, LED bulbs have become the got to lighting solution for indoor cultivation. As referenced above, LED bulbs are highly energy efficient. As of now, a typical LED bulb has a lifespan of about 50,000 hrs, which, when broken down, is more than six years of continued usage. The advantages of LED bulbs over all other bulbs are extensive.

Many vertical crop farmers grow plant crops using a series of stacked panels to take advantage of the apparent space. In some scenarios, the stacks go as high as one dozen panels. LED bulbs emit low heat, and this allows them to be included in the stacked panels without harming the plants.

For expectant indoor vertical farmers, picking a LED lighting over conational bulbs is just the beginning of the many lighting-related decisions that you need to make. With respect to LEDs, there are an extensive number of aspects for you as a farmer to make.

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