BIOS announced a partnership with Grow Glide. BIOS LEDs will be included in Grow Glide’s augmented reality cultivation experience. This AR portal allows cultivators to build a single, double or triple-tiered grow system. Cultivators can then select BIOS Icarus™ LED grow lights to incorporate into the grow system and view the design on their desktop or mobile site in a full 3D/AR experience.

“We are excited to be a part of Grow Glide’s dynamic and innovative AR cultivation experience,” Sean Tegart, President and CEO of BIOS stated.  “Our efforts to continuously put the grower first and help them through the lighting purchase and implementation process is perfectly complemented by Grow Glide’s technology and racking systems. This technology is a gamechanger.” 

Grow Glide President Darin Siples added, "Embracing this technology solves a huge problem in our industry - how do we let people reach out and 'touch' our products.  As a cultivator myself, being able to visualize a new grow without having to actually install a system is a gamechanger.” He continued, “This is just stage one of our ambitious augmented reality plans. We believe the investment we’ve made in this space will cement our goal to be nimble, innovative, and the number one provider of vertical cultivation solutions.”

With the partnership between Grow Glide and BIOS, cultivators will have the ability to view multi-tier, vertical cannabis farming systems virtually in almost any location. This technology gives cultivators the ability to virtually test run BIOS LED grow lights in a Grow Glide rack allowing them to make more informed purchase decisions that fit their operational goals. BIOS LED grow lights are built with the grower in mind and this partnership is another building block in their effort to put the customer first.

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