The Methacton School District is a public school district in Pennsylvania that serves approximately 4,600 students in Lower Providence and Worcester townships. The school is proud to be the first high school in Pennsylvania to operate its student-run hydroponic farm called Windy Hill Farm 

“A good opportunity for children is to study vertical farming that they could apply outside of school. Windy Hill Farm is open to Matheson high school students due to the generosity of our community partners through donations to the math action education foundation,” AP Environmental Science Teacher, Steve Savits reported. 

Students will complete labs in the classroom while also having hands-on experience working in the hydroponic farm. This course is designed to cover how plants can be grown hydroponically, how the scientific method is not a linear process and how hydroponic farming has benefits to society. Emphasis will also be placed on business, marketing, computer science and mathematics.

The vision to bring the project of a hydroponic farm to life sprung from their high school science teachers. In late January, students planted the seeds that began to yield the first crop of plants in early spring. The students have harvested more than 2,000 plants and herbs including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and dill.

“I think we're very lucky to be able to have something like this at our school. I’ve spent the last nine months working on growing different plants and utilizing these plants to make sustainable paints, to be integrated into our art classrooms,” said Benjamin Cunningham, senior.

This program helps students to find growth in ways far beyond the leafy greens. Furthermore, students learn how to do, instead of just sitting and listening and memorizing. At that time they learn how that relates to the real world.