KFU scientists have begun developing automated systems for city farming. These systems are based on hydroponics, growing plants on artificial media without soil, said Associate Professor of the Department of Agriculture and Crop Production of the Institute "Agrotechnological Academy" of KFU. V. I. Vernadsky Alexander Ilyin. 
Specialists have already created a meter-high mini-farm and a medium-sized, 2 meters high farm. 

"The installation is a vertical multi-tiered system, consisting of a metal frame, lighting, irrigation, nutrient supply, and ventilation systems. It is fully automated and controlled via Wi-Fi. The farm is automated. It starts up at 4 am and is illuminated for 16 hours," Alexander Ilyin notes. 

He also noted that university employees are developing technologies for growing plants in city farming conditions. They select the most comfortable conditions for them in terms of lighting and humidity. This helps to obtain environmentally friendly products. 

University specialists grow leafy lettuces, microgreens, and edible flowers in the city-farming laboratory. 

Source: crimea-news.com