Enrichment Systems, a company that produces dissolved oxygen systems directed to the indoor and greenhouse agriculture industries, announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 11,344,852 (the "'852 patent") titled "Hydroponic system and method for enriching a liquid with gas bubbles."

The '852 patent is directed to a system and method for enrichment of a liquid with gas bubbles. "The issuance of the 852 Patent demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the field of nanobubble dissolved gasses for agriculture," said Rex O'Neal, Chief Executive Officer of Enrichment Systems. "Our P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System is disrupting the irrigation market by delivering high levels of oxygen at the individual irrigation emitter, with an ease of use and low cost otherwise unavailable in the market."

Those in the agriculture industry have been quick to adopt this new technology. The P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System has been used by growers in a variety of applications, including cannabis, leafy greens, and other high-value crops. It has been observed that providing cannabis plants with 20 parts per million (PPM) or greater of oxygen nanobubbles in irrigation water reduces cultivation time, increases production volume, and improves plant health.

The Enrichment Systems P-150 Dissolved Oxygen Unit has been recognized as an innovative and effective new product. Enrichment Systems' patented P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System is a cost-effective solution available to increase dissolved oxygen by 500-600%. 

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