Ljusgårda, a Swedish vertical farming company, entered into an agreement with Mathem, an online food platform on which, from this week, Ljusgårda's salads will be sold. 

As Ljusgårda grows ever larger volumes of lettuce, the possibility of broadening the company's distribution and being available in more areas also increases. The collaboration with Mathem is an important part of the work to reach more consumers with sustainably grown salad all year round. Today, Ljusgårdas products are available at about 200 ICA stores from Uppsala in the north to Trelleborg in the south.

"We are very happy for the collaboration with Mathem and look forward to being able to broaden our distribution and grow together with them. It feels extra good that we share several sustainability goals and can aim for a more sustainable world together," says Andreas Wilhelmsson, CEO of Ljusgårda.

Mathem has high sustainability goals in many different areas such as green transport, organic assortment free from harmful substances, eco-labels, Swedish players, locally grown, and reduced waste. The collaboration with Ljusgårda is highlighted as a strong example of how companies can work together to achieve sustainability goals.

"We at Mathem work hard to achieve our sustainability goals, and thanks to innovative, innovative, and resource-efficient food companies like Ljusgårda, we can together take big steps towards a more sustainable food supply," says Julia Lindberg, assortment and Purchasing Director of Mathem.

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