"A vertical farm is one of the most dynamic and potential fields in absorbing and applying high-tech achievements in the process of agricultural production and represents the development direction of future agriculture," explained the person in charge of Ledestar.

For a long time, Ledestar has been focusing on LED plant lighting. They have recently conducted technical discussions and cooperation with a well-known agricultural university in China. The two parties have conducted research on the optimal spectrum required for indoor planting of Chinese medicine.

With the support of various professors' theoretical knowledge, Ledestar actively cooperated to complete the customized spectrum and used 2835 full-spectrum lamp beads No. 1, No. 4, and No. 27 to conduct growth comparisons for more than two months. We found that combining plant weight, leaf length, leaf width, etc., full-spectrum No. 1 and No. 4 lamps performed well, and No. 27 is not suitable for the growth of traditional Chinese medicine. Full spectrum No. 1 and No. 4 lamps have more red light.

"From the experiment, we know that the planting of traditional Chinese medicine should pay attention to the weight of the red light spectrum. You can also add some 730nm infrared to improve the efficiency. All plants have different growth requirements, and it is necessary to find the optimal spectrum through repeated experiments according to the attributes," the spokesperson added. 

Not limited to traditional Chinese medicine, Ledestar has been maintaining close cooperation with many agricultural universities and plant factories, and the spectral research on vegetables and fruits has continued to deepen. LED has changed the traditional agricultural planting methods, and many companies have begun introducing plant factory-related technologies.

"The cost of electricity is one of the biggest challenges in building plant factories. Ledestar has been optimizing its own products for this purpose, combining advantages such as efficiency and lifespan to help growers reduce costs. Facts have proved that using our lamp beads can gradually reduce costs in the next few years."

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