Ultimation Industries adds three new control packages, including two programmable logic controllers (PLC) and one variable speed controller, to its portfolio of online, ready-to-ship material handling products.

The controllers can seamlessly integrate various material handling systems within industrial facilities for greater efficiency. Ultimation is a direct-to-consumer conveyor manufacturer specializing in solving productivity challenges with fast-to-deploy solutions for vertical farming, food processing, automotive, heavy equipment, warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery sectors.

“Ultimation’s new programmable logic controllers are specially designed to enable continuous monitoring and control of input and output devices between our various lines of conveyor equipment such as motor-driven roller conveyors, belt systems, and lifters for a more efficient production line,” said Kali Cresent, General manager for Ultimation.

Cresent explained that moving materials within an industrial facility often requires different material handling solutions to load, move, lift, buffer, and offload parts and products as they move their way through the production process. PLCs can provide seamless connections between various conveyors while reducing or eliminating the manual work involved in transporting products from one system to another.

The new controllers available through Ultimation include:

  • PLC Panel Package for 24V MDR Conveyor Systems. Motorized-driven roller conveyors (MDRs) are the workhorse of warehouses and distribution centers around the world, providing fast, smooth movement of packages, tote bins, pallets, tires, cartons, and more. The PLC panel package adds to the efficiency with its six-module 24VDC CompactLogix L16 Controller and a 5.7” PanelView Plus with touch-screen capability. It’s designed to work with Ultimation, Interroll, or Itoh Denki 24V MDRs. The PLC package is contained within a wall-mountable NEMA 1 enclosure with a manual lock.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Package for Belt Conveyors. Belt conveyors come in various lengths and widths and are great for transporting regular and irregularly shaped objects, including totes, packaged goods, and bulk boxes. The VFD Control Package consists of an enclosed AC micro drive with a mounting plate, a VFD to the motor power cable, and a 10-foot AC power cable, which allows for easy adjustment of speed and torque of the Gearmotor to match the requirements of the BS100B Series belt conveyor system from Ultimation.
  • PLC Package for Qimarox ProRunner MK1 Vertical Conveyor Systems. This package contains everything required to integrate the Qimarox ProRunner MK1 vertical conveyor into a warehouse application. The ProRunner MK1 has a small footprint and requires minimal maintenance. The PLC automation controller package monitors the lift system and its various components, such as the sensors and motors. It senses when there’s an object that needs to be lifted and uses pre-programmed logic to determine the height and other factors before starting the lifting sequence. It uses this information to control the operation of the lift and ensure safe and efficient operation.

All Ultimation PLCs are engineered with an e-stop to keep operators safe, according to Cresent. The 240W 3-phase 380-480V AC input power supply is fitted with a rotary disconnect to ensure that the panel is de-energized while the enclosure door is open. The enclosure itself includes a locking door to ensure that only the intended people are accessing the inside of the enclosure.

“The Ultimation team can assist customers in configuring and quoting the correct control package for their application, whether it’s a ‘turn-key’ solution or a shipped-to-order configuration,” said Cresent.

For more information:
Kali Crescent, General manager
Ultimation Industries, LLC