Greening by IT and Greening of IT go hand in hand. In view of unstable supply chains and climatic fluctuations, Infarm is showing a way in which food production can be decoupled from external influences and stabilized. Infarm's declared goal: CO 2 -neutral production by 2045.  

Data is the “fertilizer” for Infarm 
Infarm's global "Growing Center" network consists of climate-resilient, high-performance modular farms that are controlled by applications on Google Cloud and are able to learn with the help of Big Data, IoT and cloud analytics.

Infarm's farms are equipped with sensors that read data from each individual plant several times a minute and collect temperature, humidity, CO 2 and pH data, among other things. This data is converted into 3D images of the plants using multispectral imaging technologies. With the help of these digital simulations, the cultivation is constantly improved and produces higher quality, more flavorful plants, while the consumption of natural resources is significantly reduced. 

The more that is cultivated, the better Infarm can act and adapt: ​​Thanks to the constant flow of data, resources such as the cultivated area, water, fertilizer, CO 2 and electricity can be used more and more efficiently. “What sets us apart is the expertise we have acquired from managing such a large network and the data we have been able to collect over the years. We invested in this data from day one because it is the key to our success,” explains Pedro Silva, Director Software & IT at Infarm. 

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