At the Vostok Antarctic station, scientists have concluded a groundbreaking experiment in vegetable cultivation, achieving record yields. Using "panoponica" technology in greenhouses, they managed to harvest up to 100 kg of cucumbers, 149 kg of leafy cabbage, 29 kg of tomatoes, and 11 kg of sweet peppers per square meter. The multi-level placement of phytotechnical complexes significantly boosts productivity.

Director Alexander Makarov emphasized that the upcoming launch of the new Vostok winter complex in early 2024 will feature a greenhouse, ensuring polar researchers access to fresh vegetables and greens. This season already saw a record cucumber harvest of 16.5 kg per square meter in just 60 days.

Scientific studies have validated the high efficiency of the developed plant cultivation technology, surpassing contemporary greenhouse results. The experiments also showcased successful leafy green cultivation, yielding 60 to 90 kg of salad crops per square meter annually.

Favorable conditions for plants, created using the phytotechnical complex, even allowed for the cultivation of watermelons in the coldest place on Earth. Current trials involve growing forest berries such as blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Encouragingly, the results are promising, and the new phyto-technical complex-3 will be sent to the Vostok station after perfecting the cultivation methodology for forest crops.