Take a third-generation farmer with three startups under his belt and a serial innovator who’s turned algae into medicine and developed an AI mental health app for an A-league football team, and what you get is a recipe for magic. ‍

Combining ancient knowledge with future tech, Rainstick is developing a breakthrough innovation that mimicks the power of lightning to grow crops bigger, faster, and with tailored precision – and their bright idea could transform the world.

When ancient wisdom meets future tech
Using electricity to grow food might seem like an unlikely way to feed the planet, but for Mic Black and Darryl Lyons, it was destiny. “I met Mic about 7 years ago and I always wanted to work with him, but I felt like I had to go through my apprenticeship first,” said Lyons.

Fast forward half a decade and it was synchronicity that brought the two together. At the exact same time as Black was beginning to tinker with high-voltage electricity and food, Lyons was learning about his own ancestry.

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