Tucked away in a corner of downtown Hattiesburg is one of the largest mushroom farms in the Southeast. Inside, at Slowpoke Farms, mushrooms are being grown for distribution to local businesses and restaurants.

“There’s always a big push in having local, sustainable produce, so we get to fill that gap and be really the only mushroom farm to this scale that’s going to be able to operate,” Sales Manager Colby Farris said. “We’re happy to be able to create cool and interesting jobs in the Hattiesburg area.”

Slowpoke Farms is brand new to the community and only recently has started distribution. The mushrooms take a month to start showing any growth, but Farris said the wait is worth it because of the health benefits received.

“They are highly nutritious, and they’re good for you, and there’s just a bit of a gap here, so we are happy to open this up and be able to provide produce like this to Mississippi and to people in the surrounding states,” Farris said.

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