Leafood, a Lithuanian vertical farm, welcomes its smallest newcomers to the salad family, as they introduce a baby Romaine and baby Green Flame variety to its customers.

The two salads come in bright, animated packaging featuring the children’s favorite character, Kakė Makė, who appears in many books, games, and products. The baby salad edition is a collaborative partnership with the creators of the Kakė Makė mega brand. Both varieties are now available in IKI stores in Lithuania.

"Picked earlier while retaining their mildest taste, they are grown to please the youngest salad eaters and, hopefully, convert them into salad lovers for life," the team shared.

An investment of 6 million euros in total supplied the company with an initial footprint of 4000m2 in a 7200m2 facility. Back in May, the company mentioned that it would be producing leafy greens and herbs.

As CEO Valentinas Civinskas mentioned, "Lithuanians consume about 10,000kg of lettuce a day. As Leafood's farm is producing about 1 ton per day, that would cover 10% of the domestic consumption."

For more information:
Email: info@leafood.com